Mr Olympia Champions

Which style of bodybuilding do you prefer?

The old school aesthetics of Zane or the new breed of size and strength embodied by Coleman?

Year on year, the annual Mr Olympia contest gets more and more competitive as the physical difference between first and last place becomes less and less distinct. Contestants have to work harder and push themselves further than ever to make sure that they come out on top and take home the Sandow trophy.

So how have the requirements of a Mr Olympia champion evolved over the past 50 years? From the competition’s debut to last year’s battle, we line up five icons of the bodybuilding world so see how they compare.

Will the 14th Mr Olympia Champion be crowned this year or will Heath make it four wins in a row? Find out on the 21st September as the contest returns to the Orleans Arena, Las Vegas.

Written by Dr Dan Reardon

Tuesday, September 2, 2014