Mitochondrial Biogenesis (PGC-1α)

Tuesday, July 02, 2019. Author FitnessGenes

Mitochondrial Biogenesis (PGC-1α)

“Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell”

You may remember that neat phrase from high school biology class. Our mitochondria (single = mitochondrion) are specialized structures or “organelles” within our cells that are responsible for producing energy.

More specifically, mitochondria carry out cell respiration - the process by which we convert chemical energy from food into a common energy currency that can be used to power all sorts of cellular functions. Such cellular functions include the transport of molecules, growth of new cells and the contraction of muscle fibers, all of which require an energy currency molecule called adenosine tri-phosphate or ATP.

This trait looks at how well your muscles grow and generate new mitochondria. This process, called mitochondrial biogenesis, plays a major role in exercise (particularly endurance / aerobic exercise) performance.

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