Lifting the psychological burden of weight loss

Thursday, July 20, 2017. Author Martin Cheifetz

Tony Greco

FitnessGenes CEO Dr Dan Reardon was recently interviewed by Tony Greco, Canada’s leading fitness specialist, and his co-host Steve Warne on their radio show Greco Lean and Fit. Dan’s segment is from 09:00-21:00 minutes and we’ve included a highlight reel below:

Tony: Welcome everyone. Our game plan is to help you live lean, live fit, and live well. Today we’re talking about DNA testing and how it can help your health and fitness with Dr. Dan Reardon, who looks like he should be on the cover of Men’s Health magazine.  I met him at the FounderMade conference in Los Angeles and he is definitely a guy you want to listen to.

Steve: So for the average person, does DNA testing really make a difference?

Dan: Absolutely! If we discussed how many different types of workouts exist, we could talk about hundreds or thousands of different types of workouts and methodologies, and the fact is, what works for one person with the same level of effort doesn’t work for somebody else.  95% of diets fail the individuals following them….they simply don’t get results.  

When you start to dig into the mechanics of what a periodized workout program actually looks like, and what the matching nutritional plan actually looks like, the variables are mind boggling. It’s no wonder there’s so much guesswork and so much failure.

With our combination of DNA analysis and environmental (lifestyle) data, we can completely tailor workouts and nutrition plans and put people on the straightest line to success.

Steve: How do you go about testing and analysis?

Dan: After the sample is received and the DNA is extracted, there’s a massive digital readout that goes into the computational system we’ve been building over 4 years. That information is delivered through our secure Member’s Area on a gene by gene basis, where we describe how each genetic variation impacts how you should eat and how you should exercise. Then we also deliver a series of targeted, goal specific systems for Building Muscle, Losing Weight, Getting Fit, or Getting Lean.

Tony:  Yes, I see it a lot where people aren’t eating right or getting results and then they lose the motivation, so I certainly see the value in this type of information.

Steve:  So you take the test and then get the there a common workout that most people end up with?

Dan: No! When you look at the construct of the workout, there are so many ways that it varies: training volume, training frequency, how much rest do you take, how fast do you perform movements, how much HIIT, how much cardio, do you lift weights, do you use bodyweight exercises, how much stretching, etc, etc….there are so many ways that the workouts get personalized…..and even if you ignore the workouts themselves, the demographics of the users are so different.

Taking the US for example, 60-66% of the people are significantly overweight, so the way you get these people exercising is completely different to people who are not overweight. That adds another layer of personalization on top of the goal-specific plans, so the workouts are all very different based on the genetics and lifestyle data that we gather from our customers.

Steve: As mentioned at the top of the show, Dan...You're in terrific shape, so how have these programs made a difference in your life?

Dan: I've been a guinea pig for all the genetic training systems we've built and people have seen my transformations via social media so they can really see how these programs work. As FitnessGenes has grown as a business around the world, I'm travelling more, working more, and have less time to work out, so I have to ensure my workouts and eating plans are as efficient as possible, and I need to optimize what I consume and when in order to maintain good health and a lean physique.  

Working with our user base and communities makes a massive difference in terms of my motivation, helps me get results, and the personalization of the programs definitely improves the efficiency of my own increasingly busy life.

Steve: One of the challenges that Tony and I have each week on the radio show is encouraging people to eat better, so it's interesting to know how the DNA testing can help?

Dan: Two thirds of the Western World are significantly overweight, and when you do a DNA test on the people who are obese and they realize that there may be an underlying reason contributing to their obesity or to their weight management problems, all of a sudden there's a burden lifted off their shoulders. They lose that discomfort and that bad feeling about being overweight and it prompts them to do something about it. 

They understand their weight is not entirely their fault, but they also understand that there is something they can do about it, so from a psychological perspective, a DNA test can have a massive impact on a person who has been struggling and who has never been able to engage in a lifestyle that enables them to lose weight. 

On the other side of the spectrum, for the people who are incredibly engaged in fitness, yes, they are leaving a lot of potential on the table by NOT knowing their fitness DNA, because if they have that blueprint, and they have that information on how they can get a 6-pack, or how they can get super lean, or how they can get the best time on their triathlon, or if their goal is to build muscle, then every 1% we can help them improve is of massive value.

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