Considering Vegan Proteins? Make Sure to Check Your LCT Result First!

Vegan Protein: A New Trend. But the right one for you?

With it being the month of health kicks and resolutions, the fitness industry has seen a spike in new health trends to help people reach their goals.

One that has gained popularity recently is sourcing protein from vegan foods such as pea, chia and flax seed. There are even some companies that are bringing vegan protein powders to the market.

But what are the advantages of replacing animal and milk proteins with a vegan alternative? Well some supporters have argued that vegan products minimise digestive issues because they don’t contain lactose.

As lactose tolerance is a genetic mutation, the most concrete way of finding out if you are intolerant, or may develop intolerance as you age, is to unlock your individual LCT gene variation. 

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Written by Alex Auld

Thursday, January 21, 2016