Krystie's inspiring transformation

Thursday, November 16, 2017. Author Martin Cheifetz

Krystie's inspiring transformation

Earlier this month, we introduced our global audience to a group of lovely ladies in Australia who have just completed their first 8 weeks of the Women’s Health & Fitness/FitnessGenes Transformation Challenge.

Over the next several weeks, we’re diving a little deeper into their stories.  We’ll start with Krystie.

1) Why did you want to be involved in the WH&F/FitnessGenes Transformation Challenge?

Since having two children within 18 months of each other, it had been some time since I really looked at myself in the mirror, let alone focused on my fitness journey. As a stay-at-home-mum, I spent every moment of each day, during my children's awake time, doing everything I possibly could to give them the best opportunities & start in life, which inevitably affected my motivation levels, and in turn, my self-confidence regarding my overall appearance and fitness levels. I wanted to be a part of Women's Health & Fitness Magazine/ FitnessGenes Transformation Challenge to get back into the swing of things, and ultimately, improve my health and vitality.  I wanted to gain back some self-esteem and self-efficacy and to get in the best shape that I could and should be for my children for the future years to come. I so desperately wanted to break away from my mundane lifestyle and feel invigorated with new knowledge about what the best diet and training methods were for me based on my DNA results.

2) Tell us a little about your previous background with health, fitness, diet, exercise, and weight management. 

I previously suffered from anorexia in my late teens, early 20's, and was knocking on death’s door at 31 kgs. It took some time, but eventually, I worked my way back to being healthy enough to bear children in more recent years.

Before having my babies ~5 years ago and following my recovery from an eating disorder, I used to exercise regularly, but it was really just bits and pieces here and there, i.e., DC weight training program, aerobic cardio, body balance and yoga (including Bikram) classes. I always had a desire to compete in a bodybuilding fitness/figure competition one day, but as I had problems with my cycle, I really wanted to wait until I had had my family first,  so I never took my training or nutrition too seriously or to a level beyond recreational. I have never been overweight according to the scales; rather I have pretty much just been average build most of my life. After I gave birth to my two children within 18 months of each other, I bounced back to a normal weight, but I was on the spectrum of being 'skinny fat', which I didn't consider to be necessarily enviable or healthy in the long term. 

Thankfully, Krystie has recovered from this frightening stage in her life!

3) Tell us a little bit about your overall experience with FitnessGenes.

During the 8-weeks, I made some reasonable gains losing around 5 kg (from 58.5 to 53.5kg), a decrease in girth measurements, and I even started to see some mini abs, which was a nice surprise. Above all, I finally felt like I was in a very good place mentally, as I started to build back my self-esteem. I lost a lot of confidence being a stay-at-home mum, losing touch with the world being at the toddler level for so long & devoting all my time to caring for my babies, with complete disregard for my own physical and mental health. Achieving this was a huge part of why I entered the competition in the first place & throughout the program I felt like I went from strength to strength each day.

A posterior view at the start of the Challenge, and after 8 weeks on her FitnessGenes plan. She looks slimmer, leaner, and how about those sculpted arms and shoulders?

4) It is always interesting to hear what you learned about yourself from the DNA analysis and the changes you will be making to your diet, training and recovery protocols as a result of your DNA test results.

The information provided from the DNA test result was very thorough and insightful. Having gravitated towards long distance running when I did Little Athletics as a child, it was no surprise to me when my genetic test results indicated that I am more suitable to endurance style sports/training. It was really good to be able to validate this very important detail nonetheless. I was particularly surprised to find out that I am a fast caffeine metabolizer, as I know in the past when I drank coffee or took sports supplements that have stimulants in them, I am in fact hypersensitive to the effects and actually get the jitters, so I was convinced caffeine based products were not necessarily for me, but I stand corrected. 

I was of mixed emotions reading that according to my test results, if I want to look lean and athletic, I need to work really hard with diet and exercise all the time. I must admi t, I had always suspected this was the case; that I have never been one that could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, but to have this unequivocally confirmed with my individual DNA, was somewhat melancholic.

On another note, I had never tracked macros before, so I have learned and benefited a lot from adopting this approach to my eating; I will most definitely continue to keep this as my main nutritional focus, more so than counting calories or following other outlandish diet protocols.

I loved being a part of the group and the support from the other women and FitnessGenes was fabulous.

Strong, confident, and look how tight her tummy is!

At FitnessGenes, we are so inspired working with women like Krystie.  She has been amazing to work with:  overcoming her busy schedule, juggling multiple priorities and competing demands on her time.  She’s overcome a serious eating disorder and now she’s healthy, happy, feels amazing, and doesn’t she just look gorgeous?

From all of us at FitnessGenes:  Congratulations to Krystie and to all of the other inspirational women in our Australian Women’s Health & Fitness/FitnessGenes Transformation Challenge.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments: Email me at or Tweet me @martincheifetz

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