FitnessGenes partners with Kinetic Training

Wednesday, February 7, 2018. Author Alex Auld

Daniel Palacios with FitnessGenes DNA analysis kit

Kinetic Training have become the latest professional training service to join the FitnessGenes Partnership Program and in doing so add DNA analysis to their service offerings. 

Owned and managed by personal trainer and coach Dan Palacios, Kinetic Training offers 1-on-1, partner and elite performance training in the exclusive training facility Rienzi Strength & Conditioning, owned by Dave Rienzi, in Sunrise, Florida (USA).

Kinetic training will be offering DNA analysis to all clients to allow them to gain unique insights into their genome as well as tailor their workouts and nutrition to their results.

Daniel Palacios

With over 12,000 hours of training experience, Daniel could identify as a master trainer. However, he prefers the title ‘Professional Trainer’ as he feels that he is just a student of the game, always with areas that he can improve and refine.

“Everyday I have the opportunity to learn more about this field, the human body, and develop my own strategies to improve the bio-mechanical functions therein. I love what I do; I love the science behind it and it’s just plain fun.

My approach to training has evolved over time to include my Movement Signature Analysis. This is essentially a videoed battery of movement based, strength, flexibility, and performance tests, to identify key weaknesses and compensations in my clients mechanics. I then turn those weaknesses into strengths through my specialized D.I.S.C. (Dynamic Integrated Strength Circuit) programming. D.I.S.C. allows any client to realize the athletic prowess that lies beneath the surface.

To merge what has already been a highly successful program with a product like FitnessGenes will be a true game changer. I’ve attained the ability to know my clients even better than they know themselves!”


Working with FitnessGenes and Kinetic Training

If you are in the Sunrise, FL area and want to follow personal training tailored to your DNA you can learn more about Kinetic Training and contact Daniel here: Kinetic Training.

Are you a fitness professional and want to learn more about adding DNA analysis to your service like Daniel? You can apply to the FitnessGenes Partnership Program here: Work with us.

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