Introducing VEGFA with Dr Ying Zheng

Thursday, December 31, 2015. Author Alex Auld


The end of the year is upon us, but at FitnessGenes we felt that we had time for the final gene release of 2015: VEGFA.

VEGFA is a molecule found in the blood and, amongst other qualities, has been associated with the formation of new blood vessels in response to training. As VEGFA levels are partially determined by your individual gene variation, it has been suggested that your genotype may be seen as a reflection of your endurance potential.


To explain further, we caught up with Dr Ying Zheng, who has been heading our research into this gene.

“As with all genes, there are three possible variations of VEGFA: GG, GC and CC. And it is the C allele that has been associated with greater endurance potential”.

“It is thought that individuals with the GC and CC genotype have increased levels of VEGFA, which in turn produces several endurance benefits, one of which is increased vasodilation. By improving ones blood flow, oxygen can be delivered to cells and waste products removed more efficiently, therefore improving overall performance”.

However, athletes that do not have the C allele shouldn’t be discouraged, as they still produce VEGFA and can still benefit from endurance based training. This is just one of the genes that impacts on your endurance potential.


To learn more about the benefits of the C allele and to discover if you have one (or two) yourself, click here to log into the members area and check your result. Also don’t forget to share your result with us on Twitter! (@fitnessgenes).

And finally, a very happy new year from the FitnessGenes team!

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