CKM and creatine kinase activity. What's your genotype, endurance or power?

Thursday, February 04, 2016. Author Alex Auld

The Role of CKMM

If you ask most gym goers where you find creatine, there’s a high chance that they would direct you to their favourite supplement website.

But creatine is a naturally occurring molecule that can help provide an immediate supply of energy during the first few seconds of physical activity.

This week’s gene release focuses on CKM, the gene that regulates the production of creatine kinase.

Your personal creatine kinase activity level may influence which energy system your body utilizes during exercise, and your FitnessGenes result can tell you whether you carry a genotype that is found more commonly in endurance or power athletes.

FitnessGenes researcher Dr Pleuni Hooijman introduces the role creatine kinase performs during exercise, and explains how different genotypes respond to certain training types.

CKMM and Genetics

“When exercising, your muscle movement is fuelled by Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This is energy in its ‘purest’ form, and is created by several different biological systems.

One of these, the phosphagen system, allows for the storage of instantly accessible ATP, but is dependent on the presence of creatine kinase to do so. 

The CC variation of CKM is likely to produce the highest levels of creatine kinase activity, and has shown to be more frequently found in high intensity or power-based athletes.

On the other hand, carriers of the TT variation are thought to have comparatively low activity of creatine kinase. As a result, this genotype was more frequent in endurance athletes, and studies have shown that these carriers respond better to aerobic training.

It is thought that low creatine kinase activity leads to a high activation of energy systems that are dependent on oxygen intake, such as the oxidative system. Interestingly, genotypes that produce lower levels of creatine kinase have also shown to have a greater response to aerobic exercise, as measured by increases in their VO2 max”.

Your CKMM Result

Is your CKM result helping your endurance performance, or suggesting that you’re a power athlete? Find out and learn more about the different energy systems at work during exercise by logging into your FitnessGenes account.

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