Max Capacity: How AKT1 Could be Affecting Your Aerobic Potential

Thursday, January 7, 2016. Author Alex Auld

The Role of AKT1

Like many of the genes we test for, the AKT1 gene codes for a protein. And this protein is the enzyme AKT1.                                        

Studies have shown that AKT1 can influence how responsive you are to aerobic exercise, and can even affect your VO2 Max. 

The enzyme has also been shown to influence overall body composition, with increased levels of ATK1 having an anabolic (growth) effect on muscle and bone, and reduced levels having a catabolic (breakdown) effect on fat. Your individual AKT1 levels are influenced by your AKT1 genotype, and we’ll let Sport Scientist Geraldine Campbell explain the differences further.

AKT1 and Genetics

“With AKT1, there are three possible genotypes: GG, GT and TT. And with regards to endurance performance, T is the interesting letter. This is because T is the allele that has been linked to greater increases in V02 max through training.

 It has also been found that carriers of the T allele generally have a lower body fat percentage than the GG variation, and this is due to lower levels of AKT1, which are predominantly found in fat cells.

Ultimately, these different levels of AKT1 are influence by the expression of the gene. GG carriers have an increased expression, which leads to the increased levels of AKT1. The opposite is true of TT carriers because their expression of the gene is reduced".

Your AKT1 Result

So do you have the advantageous T allele, and how does AKT1 relate to insulin levels and blood flow? To discover your result and read the rest of the findings on this gene, log in to the members area by clicking here. Also don’t forget to share your result with us over Twitter! (@fitnessgenes).

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