Hazelnut Protein Cookies

Wednesday, June 07, 2017. Author Leilah Isaac

A low-sugar, protein packed cookie!

Ingredients (makes 5 cookies)

1/2 cup plain flour (125g)

1/2 cup ground hazelnut flour (125g)

Dark Chocolate - 80% cacao (25g)

2 Tbsp butter (30g)

2 Tbsp vanilla whey protein powder (25g)

1 Egg


Nutritional value (per cookie)

Calories: 142 kcal

Protein: 29%

Carbohydrates: 42%

Fat: 29%



1) Preheat your oven: Gas mark 4; 350F; 180C.

2) Mix the flour, protein powder and ground hazelnuts in a bowl. 


3) In another bowl melt the butter and whisk with the egg.


4) Stir the bowl of wet ingredients together with the dry ingredients until you have a smooth dough. If the mixture is too wet and sticky, sprinkle a little more flour mixture until the dough binds.

5) Divide the dough into 5 equal cookie shapes and place on a tray lined with baking paper. Crumble the chocolate and divide evenly among the cookies.


6) Bake for 30 mins on gas mark 4 (350F, 180C).

7) Serve warm, or leave to cool.


Variations: Instead of vanilla flavored protein powder, you can also use other complementary flavors, like chocolate or hazelnut.

Discover the many health benefits of hazelnuts and whether your genotype would benefit from this recipe by clicking here.

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