Get to know your key exercise organ: The anatomy of the heart

Thursday, March 09, 2017. Author Geraldine Campbell

During exercise your heart rate and stroke volume increases to enable enough oxygen to reach your hard-working muscles. Your heart is the pump driving this response to exercise and it is important to understand what is actually happening inside your body to see how being active and healthy will benefit your heart and overall wellbeing!

The heart is the key organ within the cardiovascular system (cardio = heart and vascular = blood vessels) and it benefits enormously from physical activity. It constantly pumps and circulates approximately 5 - 7 litres of blood a minute to deliver nutrients, oxygen, and hormones throughout the body.. The heart is such a vital organ that it is even made up of its own specialised cells which can contract without nerve stimulation. This allows hearts to be transplanted from one person to another, and still function!

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