FitnessGenes™ (previously MuscleGenes) in issue 14 of Muscle Insider Magazine

If you asked a group of the world’s top exercise scientists what the biggest breakthrough in human performance will be, their answer would without a doubt be ‘gene technology’. Currently, scientists have the ability to alter the DNA of lab rats to allow them to run 25-times further before getting exhausted! That’s like taking Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, who runs the 200 m in under 20 seconds, and enabling him to run at his top speed for 5,000 meters! All of this can be achieved by just introducing a tiny bit of DNA into certain cells. This is the ‘gene doping’ concept you’ve likely heard about the news, and it’s been a topic that’s had the International Olympic Committee trembling in their boots. It’s no secret that elite athletes and their coaches have already started experimenting with gene doping in hopes of gaining an edge over their competition. But recent advancements in gene testing with scientists from the University of Oxford in England could revolutionise the fitness industry as we know it.

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Written by Mark Gilbert

Friday, January 17, 2014