FitnessGenes Launches Affiliate Program

Wednesday, December 30, 2015. Author Alex Auld

Tom Neal
Genetically Tailored Personal Training

At FitnessGenes we've been constantly asked by customers how they can use their DNA results with their personal trainers and coaches.

Well, as this demand has grown over the past months, we’ve answered it by adding a ‘Share Your Results’ option to each member’s profile.

This means that your personal trainer can now bypass weeks of calculating what training strategies work best for you, and ensure that all of your sessions are as effective and efficient as possible.

And it’s not just customers that can benefit from this awesome new feature. We’ve also launched our Personal Trainer page on, which houses the carefully vetted fitness professionals that we officially associate ourselves with.

Meet Tom Neal

And the first name to be added to our page was Canary Wharf based personal trainer, Tom Neal.

“When I came across FitnessGenes and their goal of making elite level DNA testing available to everyone, I couldn't wait to give it a try.

I had read about world-class competitors using this testing to make their training and nutrition more exact for them, and to ensure that 100% of their effort was translating into real results.

My results were astounding as my DNA report told me things about myself I had worked out over years of trial and error. This one test could have saved me so much time and wasted effort!

The report gives me as a coach all the tools I need to further optimise my clients programs, and their results. I can offer personalised recommendations backed by solid science that is specific to each individual - something that not many other fitness professionals can!”

Become A FitnessGenes Affiliate

Are you a personal trainer, coach or gym owner and want to enjoy the many benefits of becoming an official FitnessGenes affiliate? Click here to learn more, or contact our support team at

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