FitnessGenes launch partnership with Gold's Gym SoCal

Thursday, July 19, 2018. Author Alex Auld

FitnessGenes launch partnership with Gold's Gym SoCal

We recently launched the official partnership between FitnessGenes and Gold's Gym SoCal, bringing fitness DNA analysis to their Southern California members.

Currently available in Golds Gym Glendale and Hollywood, this partnership allows Gold's Gym members to unlock their unique genetic profile and have their results explained to them by an accredited trainer.

The availability of their client's genetic insights enables Gold's trainers to understand their clients better, refine their workout and nutrition plans, and help them achieve the best possible results.

To mark the launch of this exciting new partnership with one of the world's most recognized fitness brands, the FitnessGenes team spent time in both Glendale and Hollywood gyms, talking to members, further educating trainers, and processing the first DNA samples.

Launch of FG // Pro at Gold's

Ahead of the launch, the FitnessGenes team delivered a NASM and ACE approved Continuing Education workshop to 12 Gold's Master Trainers, providing the Continuing Education Units required to interpret their client's genetic insights  and apply them to their workout and nutrition plans.

Here's what the Golds and FitnessGenes teams had to say following that workshop:

"The most exciting thing about partnering with FitnessGenes in our Gold's Gym SoCal locations is results. We want our clients to be successful. Being able to know your genetic makeup will specifically help us design programs that are going to help you get your results faster, more efficiently, and make your time in the gym better served".

Andrea Ausmus, Director of Fitness Operations (Golds Gym SoCal)

"We're going to be filling a major void in programming personal training clients. It drives us into a more results-driven direction. I'm excited for the rollout of FitnessGenes here at Gold's Gym in Hollywood and Glendale, and I look forward to seeing our members get great results from this program".

Roman Chavez, Director of Fitness Education (Golds Gym SoCal)

"The great thing about genetic testing is that we remove the guesswork. We ensure that the guidance that an individual is given is straight to the point, straight to the mark, and is going to enable them to get their results as quickly as possible".

Dr. Dan Reardon, CEO and Co-Founder (FitnessGenes)

Watch the official launch video below.


Are you a trainer, coach or gym owner and want to work with your clients DNA just like Gold's Gym SoCal? Click here to learn more about FitnessGenes Pro, our official partnership program.

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