FitnessGenes Launch Starter Plus Plan

Keeping your fitness goals on track

The FitnessGenes Training Team have launched the latest of their genetically tailored workout plans, Starter Plus.

The Starter Plus Plan is an 8-week progression from the current Starter Plan, with increased intensity, a wider range of exercises and new training strategies. Each workout is tailored to your individual FitnessGenes results, to ensure that you are maximising your results each time you enter the gym.

 Also included with the Starter Plus Plan:

  • 8 week Progressive Nutrition Plan – matched to your fat loss or muscle building goal
  • Abs Workouts – To help you build a defined core
  • HIIT Workouts – To shred fat and increase overall fitness

So What's New?

To find out what the Starter Plus Plan offers, we caught up with Training Team member Paul Rose, who co-designed this latest Genetic Workout Plan.

“We’ve seen some great progress from clients who have started their fitness journey on our Starter Plan, and we want to make sure that they continue to make improvements. 

As the Fat Loss and Muscle Building plans are tailored to the more experienced gym-goer, the Starter Plus Plan is a perfect bridge to help our clients reach that level.

With Starter Plus we’ve increased the number of training days, and incorporated more elements of High Intensity Interval Training. Whole body workouts have been replaced with muscle group specific ones, and we’ve introduced new training strategies such as tri sets and pyramid sets to really bump up the intensity.

The Starter Plus Plan is certainly more demanding, but we’re expecting to see some awesome transformations as a result. And as always, myself and the rest of the training team will be on hand to guide you through the full 8 weeks”.

Following Starter Plus

The Starter Plus Plan is now available to purchase. If you have already received your FitnessGenes DNA results, you can add the Starter Plus Plan to your online profile for $60 (US).

Haven’t yet taken the FitnessGenes test? Along with full DNA analysis, the Starter Plus workout and nutrition plan is included in the Starter Plus System ($170).

You can find both the Starter Plus Plan and the Starter Plus System by visiting our online shop today.

Written by Alex Auld

Wednesday, March 9, 2016