Eliminate Repetitive Dietary Failures With Technology And Personalization

Wednesday, February 15, 2017. Author Martin Cheifetz

A short while ago, we were contacted by a leading fitness technology company Accuro after a blog on their website received a huge amount of traffic.  Accuro’s blog asked:

Why is there a growing interest in DNA-based diets?

Accuro’s answer referenced a study conducted by Human Nutrition Research Center at the University of Newcastle (UK) in which Dr. John Mathers, the lead investigator of a six-month study of the efficacy of personalized diets based on genetics (vs “generic healthy eating guidelines like lots of fruit and vegetables, lean meats and whole grains), states:

"The bottom line is those who were in the personalized diet cohort did better than those in the one-size-fits-all diet group, making us pretty confident personalized diets are the way forward."

Accuro’s traffic spike led them to pursue an interview with FitnessGenes, where we discussed  the topics of fitness technology,  and the benefits of  personalized workout and nutrition plans for consumers.

Below are some highlights from the interview (with Accurofit asking the questions): 

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