FitnessGenes CSO Appears on ITV’s 'This Morning'

Thursday, December 10, 2015. Author Alex Auld


If you have been following Dr Sam’s or FitnessGenes’ social accounts over the past week, you will of witnessed the birth and growth of the hashtag #7MonthsAwesome.

But the story behind the social storm began months before, when Sam had her invite to speak at a ‘science and entrepreneurship’ conference withdrawn by the European Commission, purely because she is currently pregnant.

After Sam’s story broke on Twitter and attracted incredible attention across social media and in the global press, she appeared on ITV’s This Morning, a daytime talk show on one of the UK’s largest TV networks.

"A Matter Of Choice"

Here is what Sam had to say when she was asked to respond to the argument that the European Commission were just prioritising her baby’s health: 

“I say it’s very much down to choice. And the only individual that should be making that decision is the woman herself. I’m not going to say that every woman would have made the same decision that I did, to go and speak at a conference that late into pregnancy, I know a lot of women do experience tiredness towards the later stages. But for myself, I’m still very fit, I’m still very active”.

“One big issue we have in science and in STEM subjects in general is women dropping out. And actually having me there I suggested would be a fantastic role model to say you can combine family and still do research; you can still run a business whilst pregnant and whilst being a mum”.

To see all the awesome feats that women have achieved whilst expecting or join the discussion yourself, simply search for the hashtag #7MonthsAwesome across social media.

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