Dr Dan Rescues Injured Hiker In Malibu

Thursday, January 07, 2016. Author Alex Auld

Dr Dan rescues injured hiker
New Year, Same Dan

As a former emergency room doctor and the co-founder of FitnessGenes, Dr Dan is always looking to help others. And this was again the case when he came across an injured hiker in Malibu, California on New Years Day.

Dan was following the hiking trail with girlfriend Dina Zaky when they came across Mark Martinez, who had broken his leg and ankle whilst attempting to make his way down a cliff.

At first Mark refused their help, but Dan persisted and finally persuaded the injured hiker to get on his back. He then carried Mark the remaining 2.3 miles of the trial, where an ambulance was waiting.

National Coverage

After Dan’s heroics surfaced on social media, his story was shared by news publications in both the US and UK. After featuring on ABC7 Eye Witness News the following evening, Dan also appeared live alongside Mark on Fox News.

Fit For Purpose

It’s no surprise that Dan was able to carry the 20 stone hiker for over 2 miles. As the co-founder of Fitnessgenes, he embodies the fit and healthy lifestyle that we promote. Dan is currently following the FitnessGenes Genetic Muscle Building System, and is clearly putting his results to use!

Mark’s wife, Lacero, expressed her thanks when interviewed by ABC News. “It was like an angel sent from God. There’s no words to describe how I feel towards this guy. It was amazing what he did”.

Train Like Dr Dan

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