Dr Dan Appears on US TV show 'The Doctors' to discuss FitnessGenes

Thursday, January 28, 2016. Author Alex Auld

UPDATED (1/2/15): Dan's episode with The Doctors has now been aired. You can watch the whole FitnessGenes segment by clicking here!

As a former ER Doctor and the CEO of a world leading genetics company, Dr Dan Reardon has plenty of experience when it comes to medical debate with fellow professionals. However, it's not often that these conversations are filmed for US national TV.

But that was exactly the case this week as Dr Dan joined Dr Travis Stork, Dr Rachael Ross and Dr Andrew Ordon on daytime medical talk show 'The Doctors' to discuss how knowing your fitness DNA profile can help you lose weight, build muscle and lead a healthier life.

The episode, which was filmed at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, will air on the 1st of February.

Before the episode was filmed, Dr Ordon and Dr Ross had their DNA analyzed by FitnessGenes, and Dan presented their results to them in front of the live audience.

Dan Tells His Story

“Interestingly, the first time The Doctors contacted me about appearing on the show was over 12 months ago. After several conversations, I went in and met the producers last November, and my appearance was scheduled.

The day of the show was an interesting one. I couldn’t sleep much the night before! So I used that time to review Dr Ordon’s and Dr Ross’ gene results to make sure I was fully prepared.

On the morning of the show I hit some cardio to clear my mind and spoke to the team back in the UK. Then it was time to head over to Paramount Pictures, where they film the show.

When I arrived I was taken to my own dressing room, which was pretty crazy! The production team gave me some really good advice and guidance, but the show wasn’t scripted.

The show started at 14:00, so 30 minutes before they took me and the other guests down to the green room.

You can hear the whole audience clapping and cheering whilst you’re sat there waiting. There was one person before me, so after we had watched them, they mic’d me up and it was time to go.

Before filming Dr Ordon came across and told me how interested he was in his own results, which was really encouraging. At that point I thought it was going to go well. But I was still so nervous it was unbelievable!

FitnessGenes was well received by both the panel and the audience. I knew that Dr Stork was going to ask some challenging questions, which he did. With Dr Ordon and Dr Ross it was all about getting their results across to them.

For me personally, this was a dream come true. But the dream was much more substantial because it was all about FitnessGenes. This is a huge milestone for the company. It’s the day that FitnessGenes is seen by 3 million people, who can learn about DNA testing and if it is right for them".

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