Choosing the correct training system

Thursday, June 07, 2018. Author Paul Rose

Choosing the correct training system

I receive many questions via our Facebook groups or our helpdesk seeking clarification on "which is the best genetic training system for me?" Here is a brief overview of the FitnessGenes Training Systems to help you choose the correct one for your goal, your lifestyle, and your experience level. 

If you have already purchased our DNA Analysis Kit, you can buy a Training/Nutrition plan separately.  Similarly, if you bought a Get Fit System, you can add on a Build Muscle training plan at a later date. 

All FitnessGenes "Systems" have 2 components. 

  • The DNA Analysis Kit.  The Kit and the Analysis are the same for all Systems. 
  • The specific goal of the genetically tailored training and nutrition Plans (Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Get Fit, Get Lean).  Within each System's goal, there are 3 levels of Plan duration and intensity.

The Get Fit System

  • 3 days per week
  • Beginner/Intermediate
  • Home or Gym
  • Bodyweight or free weights

The Get Fit System is a 3 day a week training program that has both cardio and resistance training. You have the option to choose to between bodyweight and free-weights, so workouts can be done in the home, gym, hotel, etc. Workouts can also be switched between beginner and intermediate level on the dashboard, to increase/decrease the intensity.

The 4-week program has less total volume and is a stepping stone to the Get-Fit Keep Fit 8-week program.  The 8-week plan is ideal for more experienced exercisers who wish to stay healthy and improve their core and functional strength.

The nutritional component of the Get Fit programs is designed to find a maintenance macro and kcal amount - the number of calories you need to stay healthy, be active, and increase your general fitness levels.

The Lose Weight System

  • 3-4 gym days per week & 2 cardio sessions
  • Beginner/Intermediate

The Lose Weight Starter plan is an introduction to the gym for people with less than 6 months experience with gym-based workouts. This training program is 3-4 days a week in the gym with 2 additional days of cardio activity.

The Lose Weight Momentum plan is a progression on the Starter's workouts and also has 3-4, days a week in the gym with 2 additional days of varied cardio activity. This program is ideal, for those who are more experienced than a beginner and who can safely and confidently perform fundamental free-weight movements such as the squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, lunge, etc.

The Get Lean System

  • 4-5 gym days per week & 1-2 varied cardio sessions
  • Intermediate/Advanced

The Get Lean Starter plan is an intermediate level program with the specific goal of reducing stubborn body fat and maintaining/increasing lean muscle mass.
The Get Lean Plus program features daily undulating periodized (DUP) style routines, hypertrophy workouts and a selection of metabolic resistance training (MRT) workouts. The first stage of this plan focuses on hypertrophy and conditioning and slowly introduces MRT workouts.

The workouts in the second stage of the Plus plan have rotating goals, including days devoted to explosive power, strength, hypertrophy, and intense metabolically demanding fat-loss training.

The Get Lean programs require access to a gym and are generally 4-5 days per week of resistance workouts with 1-2 days of additional cardio sessions. Be prepared to sweat (a lot) during these workouts!

The Get Lean & Lose Weight Nutritional Component

The Get Lean and Lose Weight plans both have a nutritional component designed to reduce body fat. Calories and macros are genetically tailored to give you enough energy to take on the workouts and sustainably lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass. There is no drastic calorie cutting; we want to improve your health, fitness levels, and physique for long-term developments!

The Build Muscle Systems

Build Muscle - Hero

  • 3 Gym days a week
  • Beginner/Intermediate

This is a full body split focussed on improving movement proficiency and hypertrophy. The stimulus elicited by this program combined with the sufficient recovery time allows your body to adapt and yields impressive results.

Each workout begins with a tailored RAMP warm-up to prime your body for the main workout. The Full Body days use essential compound lifts to maximize the rewards from your session. Compound lifts help you develop size and strength while improving your mental connection and movement proficiency.

This is an excellent program if you are restricted to how many times you can get to the gym and are looking for "bang for your buck sessions". This plan is ideal for people who have weight training experience and are looking to develop strong, natural, athletic physiques.

Build Muscle - Legend

  • 3-4 Gym days a week
  • Intermediate 

This plan uses an upper/lower body split and focuses on hypertrophy. The stimulus elicited by this upper/lower program of compound lifts combined with sufficient recovery time yields excellent results.

This plan is ideal for those who have experience lifting weights and are looking to develop strong, natural muscular physiques.

Build Muscle - Prophecy

  • 5 gym days per week, 1 light cardio day
  • Advanced

This is a genuinely challenging body part split program aimed at experienced gym rats looking to maximize muscular development and is not for the faint-hearted. It employs a phased approach where specific muscle groups are targeted over the course of a block, with specialty workouts' within each block to truly test your resolve.

The Build Muscle Nutritional Component

Proper nutrition is essential to fuel your workouts, ensure you recover, and continue developing size and strength. Each Build Muscle plan recommends nutrition based on your genetic and environmental data to establish a sustainable eating plan, with the appropriate macronutrient and kcal calculations to fuel your workouts and build muscle.

HIIT & Core add-ons

The HIIT and Core add-ons can be used to provide variety in your HIIT based sessions and focus on improving core stability and strength.

For example, you can add 1 or 2 HIIT sessions to your Get Fit workout program to increase your metabolic rate and reduce body fat level.

The Get Lean and Lose Weight programs already target fat loss and therefore do not need any additional HIIT sessions.  In these programs, more focus should be placed on performance and recovery from each session.

If you still need assistance deciding what program would be the most suitable to you, we have our customer service and coaching team available at

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