Chocolate cherry smoothie

Wednesday, October 10, 2018. Author Matthew Kershaw

Chocolate cherry smoothie

This smoothie tastes terrific, is guilt-free and will make you happy! Cherries are tiny nutritional powerhouses, serving up antioxidants such as Vitamin E, C, and anthocyanins, which help prevent inflammation and DNA damage. Cherries also boost melatonin levels, so this smoothie may help improve your sleep. 

Serves 1


½ cup cherries-fresh or frozen (100g)
1 Tbsp chocolate protein powder (15g)
Low-fat plain yogurt (150g)
1 cup 1% fat milk (250ml)
1 cup ice


  1. Place all ingredients into a blender.
  2. Blend until consistently smooth.
  3. Enjoy immediately!

Nutritional profile per serving

Calories:  321 kcals
Protein: 26g (35% of total kcals)
Carbs:  43g (57%)
Fats: 6g (6%)

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