Celebrating successful physique transformations

Thursday, November 02, 2017. Author Martin Cheifetz

Women's Health and Fitness Transformations

Two weeks ago, I wrote a story called The Dawn of a New Era for Women in which I discussed "transformations" in multiple guises. In that story, I started the transformation timeline by introducing you to the Women's Health & Fitness challenge we've been running in Australia for the last 2 months.   After 8-weeks following the FitnessGenes Get Lean System, we're pleased to present preliminary results from four of the members, with more to come in the next several weeks.

We selected 25 contestants from hundreds of applicants from Women's Health & Fitness to participate in the Challenge.  We created a private Facebook group, in which the women could interact with each other, and were fully supported by FitnessGenes staff.  The women worked hard, motivated each other, and were led and coached by our CEO Dr. Dan Reardon, who provided daily tips and advice.

We'll now briefly showcase the hard work from 4 of these lovely ladies, with more stories and more in-depth profiles to come. Please join me, and the whole team at FitnessGenes in celebrating the hard work, dedication, and transformational success of these women!


On 2 Sept, Nicole wrote: I have been following a full, plant-based diet and have found it easier to stick to than I anticipated. I feel less bloated and more energized!


On 18 October, Krystie wrote: This is exactly the thing I needed to kickstart me on an amazing fitness and self-discovery journey. I am already planning my program for the next 12 weeks and setting some long-term goals for 1-2 year's time. Thank you so much Dan Reardon, Martin Cheifetz and all of the incredible ladies in our group!


On 21 October, Toni said: Thank you for this amazing opportunity. It has honestly changed my life. You are seriously changing lives Dan. It's incredible. I will never be the same person I was before this challenge. Thank you so much for everything!


On 18 October, Priscilla wrote: I have learnt alot in this challenge and I'm very grateful to Dan Reardon and Martin Cheifetz for the opportunity!

Transformation success!

How's that for only 8-weeks?  All of these women followed their genetically tailored workout programs and nutrition guidance, trained hard, supported each other, stuck to their personalized plans and don't they look fabulous? 

All are leaner, tighter, more defined and are all super-happy with their new physiques and motivated to keep going!  You can do the same Get Lean plan as them....tailored to your own unique genetic profile.  While we can't guarantee you'll look as fabulous as these 4, we can guarantee that we will help you every step of the way!

Any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with me directly at martin.cheifetz@fitnessgenes.com or  https://twitter.com/martincheifetz

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