Caffeine sensitivity, appetite control and succeeding on a diet

Wednesday, July 05, 2017. Author Martin Cheifetz

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A short while ago, Dr. Dan had a radio interview with Phil Faris, a best-selling author, business consultant, coach and host of Never Too Late for Fitness Radio, which covers experts, innovators, and trendsetters in business, health and fitness.

We’ve transcribed a few of the many highlights from their conversation below and would encourage you to listen to the full 30-minute interview which you can download as a podcast.

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PhilWhat are some of the nutritional elements of genetics you analyze and how does that impact the information the FitnessGenes consumer receives? 

Dan: One of the most popular nutritional genes we analyze is CYPIA2 which is the gene for caffeine sensitivity. Everyone wants to know how they can make their daily living better: how can they be less tired, more alert, how can they sleep better, how can they wake up in the morning and feel refreshed and ready to go, and coffee is something that people are very reliant on, whether it's first thing in the morning or if their energy levels sag during the day.

Understanding how fast you break down coffee influences when you should be consuming it in the first place and whether it is something that will have a positive effect on maintaining energy levels throughout the day, or if you are at risk of having energy slumps resulting from being a fast metabolizer of caffeine. 

Another interesting one is the FTO gene, which has a known correlation with being overweight or obese due to its hormonal effect on appetite regulation. When we know this result, we can deliver information to people that is actionable to help people control their appetites and achieve their weight loss goals.


Phil:  I read some social media posts from people who received their results and said, "Oh....NOW I get it!".  There's this "Ahah! moment" of why I've been getting good results or why it seems like I'm hitting my head against the wall trying to do something that just isn't appropriate for me. 

Dan:  Yes, that's exactly what happens.  It's a "Eureka moment" and people will say, "Now I get it.  Now I understand the reasons for this or that", so we get incredible feedback from people who really appreciate getting this information and are now empowered with knowledge that will help them in the future.


Phil:  There are countless stories of women having multiple diet failures and then blaming themselves even though it's not really their fault...they were trying the wrong plan and it wasn't a matter of effort or motivation, it was a matter of following the wrong road map.  

Dan:  Absolutely, and the general consensus is that 95% of people who are on diets fail.  However, what is actually true is that 95% diets fail the people following them. They fail because they're not following a diet based on their needs; they're following a diet based on some random hype that they found in the media or that a friend of theirs is following.  When people commit to personalized diet, they’ll understand that certain things that happened in the past are out of their control, but now that they understand their genetics, they can actually take control, and it's incredibly empowering.


Phil:  People always ask me what's the best diet, and I always say, "If it's working for you, then that's a good diet".  Every diet has success stories, but not every diet is for every body.

Dan:  Yes, that's completely true, and it is about identifying what is the right diet for you and the way to discover that is with a FitnessGenes DNA test.


Phil:  So if I buy your program and then have a specific question, how do I get answers?

Dan:  We have a very active social media community and a customer support desk where all questions are answered.  I'm incredibly engaged in the social media groups so people can get to me directly because I love having a high level of customer interaction.  We're very happy to help and answer questions and we do so very quickly. 


Phil:  I'm sure I have some listeners out there right now who are thinking of starting a fitness program. Can a person who is just starting out benefit from FitnessGenes or do you have to have years of exercise experience before you can benefit from it?

Dan:  One of our fastest growing categories is people who have never exercised before, and you could certainly argue that people who have never exercised and who have never followed a healthy eating plan are probably the people who would benefit the most from a FitnessGenes test because we're giving them the information up front that this is what you need to do...there's no trial and error....and this is how you're going to get results.

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