Breathe, Move, Recover: FitnessGenes visits XPT

Thursday, July 19, 2018. Author Fred Heim

Breathe, Move, Recover:  FitnessGenes visits XPT

Imagine an event encompassing breathtaking views, deep breathing techniques, innovative training modalities, fabulous food hosted by power couple Gabby Reece and Laird Hamilton… That's just a fraction of the XPT life, and we were invited to be part of their Malibu experience last week.

XPT, Extreme Performance Training™, is a high performance lifestyle rooted in the most basic yet powerful human trait: the ability to adapt. XPT's Breathe, Move, Recover curriculum is the embodiment of the founders' accomplishments as elite athletes and entrepreneurs.

While FitnessGenes team member Fred Heim took on the entire 3-day experience, Dr. Dan was asked to speak to the 20+ fitness cognoscenti in attendance. His talk was an informative discussion about the future of wellness with a focus on genomics-facilitated precision nutrition and fitness. In true XPT style, the presentation was given under the shade of a majestic tree on the grounds of an estate overlooking a private beach in Malibu (pictured above).

The attendees for Dr. Dan's talk (who started their day with an ocean SUP (stand up paddleboard) workout) were focused on next-level techniques, and leveraging the power of genetic insights in their training and nutrition.  While this crowd wasn't focused on weight-loss, they were attending XPT to push their mental and physical limitations. The XPT experience delivers a variety of innovative training modalities including breath-work, underwater weight training, heat sessions and, of course, a meditative ice-bath.

Fred's ice bath <>

We were excited to be part of this fantastic experience and encourage you to consider it for yourself. Getting outside our comfort zone can be a healthy, rewarding experience–why not give it a shot?

XPT with Gabby Reece and Laird Hamilton

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