Breaking genetics news on sprint and power performance

Thursday, October 20, 2016. Author Geraldine Campbell

Another beneficial gene variant for sprint and power performance!

Here at FitnessGenes, we always want to keep you and our scientific analysis up-to-date! Following the release of recent research, we have updated our ACVR1B gene report. Could this mean good news for you and your power performance?  

The ACVR1B gene variant tested here at FitnessGenes has been shown to influence an individual's muscular strength. Up until now, there had been no research into how this influence on strength may impact upon an individual’s sprint or power performance.

A study undertaken by Voisin and colleagues (2016) investigated the distribution of the rs2854464 variant of ACVR1B in a large cohort of Caucasians (Italian, Polish and Russian populations) and Brazilians to observe if there was a difference in endurance, sprint/power athletes and controls. Within the Caucasian sprint/power athletes, there was a significantly higher frequency of the A allele. This could be linked to the greater muscle strength that has been associated with the presence of this allele.

Interestingly, the same association was not found within the Brazilians. In fact the complete opposite was found! An under representation of the A allele was seen in the sprint/power athletes in the Brazilian cohort. These findings emphasise the importance of understanding individuals genetic AND lifestyle data as features, such as your ethnicity, which could be a large determining factor on how a genetic variant affects you!

So for those of Caucasian descent, being AA or AG may hold beneficial impacts on sprint/power performance and increase the chances of being able to reach a high level within sports that utilize the physiological traits of speed and power. Combining this result to other gene variants that are associated with athletic performance such as ACTN3 can help indicate whether you are more power or endurance orientated.

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Voisin, S., Guilherme, J.P.F., Yan, X., Pushkarev, V.P., Cieszczyk, P., Massidda, M., Calò, C.M., Dyatlov, D.A., Kolupaev, V.A., Pushkareva, Y.E. and Maciejewska, A., 2016. ACVR1B rs2854464 Is Associated with Sprint/Power Athletic Status in a Large Cohort of Europeans but Not Brazilians. PloS one, 11(6), p.e0156316.

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