Boost Your Muscle Gains With Scott Herman's Genetic Workout System!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016. Author Alex Auld

Scott Herman

Scott's Partnership With FitnessGenes Continues

FitnessGenes have partnered with fitness expert and YouTube star Scott Herman to release the Scott Herman Genetic Workout System.

The system, which includes full FitnessGenes DNA Analysis, also features an 8-week muscle-building plan designed by Scott and personalised to your genetics.

Working With The Elite Of Fitness

Having worked in the Fitness industry for over 15 years, Scott knows exactly what training strategies work best when it comes to building muscle volume and strength. And now, his proven methods are available exclusively to FitnessGenes customers.

“FitnessGenes have really helped me fine tune my training, and I no longer find myself wondering if I am maximizing my time in the gym. With the help of their DNA analysis, I’ve really enjoyed watching my body transform even after 15+ years of training.

The Scott Herman Genetic Workout System has allowed me to really tap into the true potential of my fans and the FitnessGenes community because now I know exactly how hard I can push them – all based on their DNA”.

Following Scott's Genetic Workout System

Included in the Scott Herman Genetic Workout System:

  • 8 week progressive overload plan personalized to your DNA
  • Abdominal workouts to help you sculpt blocky, defined abs
  • FitnessGenes DNA test kit and analysis
  • FitnessGenes results report
  • Personalized training and nutrition Action Blueprint
  • Personalized macronutrient guidance
  • Online support from the FitnessGenes training and science teams
  • Access to the Scott Herman exercise library

As the plan is personalized to your individual genetics, you must have first received your FitnessGenes or MuscleGenes DNA results.

If you have already received your FitnessGenes or MuscleGenes DNA results, you can access your personalised Scott Herman Genetic Workout Plan today.

Learn more about the Scott Herman Genetic Workout Plan by clicking here.

Need help choosing a plan?

Use our Plan Advisor to determine which genetically tailored diet and exercise program best fits your needs.

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