International Mountain Biker Using FitnessGenes To Climb World Rankings

Wednesday, June 15, 2016. Author Alex Auld

The FitnessGenes team like nothing more than clients sharing their success stories with us, but one landed in our inbox recently that really caught our eye.

Hungarian cross-country mountain biker, and FitnessGenes client, Barbara Benko, who rides for the Focus XC Team, is currently competing in the UCI MTB World Cup. She is the reigning Hungarian national champion having claimed first place at the Pilis Kupa event in April, and made her Olympic debut at London 2012.

Barbara is aiming to break into the world Top10 riders, and based on her recent performances, her team are confident that this is a goal she is close to achieving.

Just last month Barbara secured 9th spot at a UCI MTB World Cup event in Germany – her best ever career finish. 

Optimizing Her Training With FitnessGenes

Barbara’s coach, Bela Grosz, is in no doubt that unlocking her DNA has played a significant part in her recent success. After Barbara took the test last year, he has been using her FitnessGenes results and recommendations to optimize her training, and move her up the international rankings. 

"Our team is always looking out for new ways to improve Barbara’s training, as there are always new ideas that are worth to try. We first heard about FitnessGenes when Dr Dan appeared on John Welborne’s Power Athlete podcast.

Working with Barbara’s DNA analysis has helped us to adapt her training, and also reassured us that some of the things we were doing were right for her. The three main areas where we have implemented the results include the intensity of her cycling training, her diet, and her strength training.

The results took the guesswork out of her training. She had a couple of very rough years that weren't the most successful. The results have bolstered her confidence as it finally gave scientific proof to matters that she was just speculating at, and we could attack areas that were previously problematic.

Her results are going to be the base of her future and on these we intend to build on heavily. We love what we have already achieved with the support from FitnessGenes. But this is not a sprint, it's a marathon, and we are building Barbara to be one of the very best in her sport. This takes of course a lot of time and effort, but with the help of her genetic results we know that we are on the right track."

Building On Success

Barbara and Bela will continue to work with her FitnessGenes results as she targets a place in the world's Top10. Barbara has three further UCI MTB World Cup events this season, starting in Switzerland, before moving on to Canada and Andorra. She is currently preparing for this events by training at altitude in Livigno, Italy.

The whole FitnessGenes team wish Barbara the best of luck for the rest of the season. We are certainly looking forward to helping her build on her recent success, and tracking her progress over the coming months.

If you would like to keep up to date on Barbara's training, events and results, you can follow her on Facebook here: Barbara Benko Facebook.

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