A Mis-Diagnosis Plus Ice Cream Equals One Mega Sized Gut!

Friday, November 07, 2014. Author Dr. Dan Reardon

Lactose Intolerance: Have You Been Mis-Diagnosed?

Here is a very interesting story for you about a longstanding member of the #GTSFit, Ben. For a number of years, Ben has suffered with digestive problems, especially when he consumes certain foods. He'd been to see his doctor about this, but had never had any success. Now we don't want to bore you with lots of writing, so instead, we thought we'd show you a picture.

Above you can see what happens to Ben's stomach when he eats ice cream. That's right: he absolutely bloats like you wouldn't believe. It's clear as day how much air becomes entrapped in his digestive system, but why? Well, we'll tell you, but first a little bit more history.

When Ben went to see his GP about his symptoms, he was told that the condition was all in his head. The doctor did however agree to perform something called the hydrogen test to have his doubts put to bed. His hydrogen test was negative, but Ben's doubts were not put to bed because whenever he ate things like ice cream, his guts blew up like the Michelin Man.

Now, this is where FitnessGenes™ comes in because when we DNA Tested Ben and looked at his Lactose Gene, he was quite clearly genetically lactose intolerant. That's right: he was one of the 20% of people whose results come back as a false negative when they have the hydrogen test.

 So Where Is Ben Now?

Based on his FitnessGenes™ DNA Performance Kit, Ben finally knows that he is lactose intolerant, so he can really start to make progress is terms of his diet and training. Just think about all the awesome nutrients Ben was failing to digest as a result of poor gut function. Now he can really benefit from consuming a diet that will lead to maximal muscle growth and optimal fat loss, which are his goals. He’s already told us he’s off the ice cream!


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