Action Blueprint Update


We're excited to be able to release today a major update to our members Action Blueprint. The Action Blueprint is where we summarise our actionable advice, based on a member's DNA results.
This update focuses on the nutrition component, which now has three sections, lots of new information and advice, and a nutrition calculator.


All our members now have a nutrition calculator to help them find the right amount of daily calories and personalized macronutrient breakdown. The calculator is adjustable so you can fine tune the base recommendations for daily calories and macro-nutrient ratios.

The calculator allows you to work out the number of calories you need to maintain your current body weight and body composition (the proportion of fat and muscle) - your maintenance calories.

Knowing your maintenance calories is very helpful because once you know this you will then be able to make the changes to your body that you desire, whether this is losing fat or building muscle.
For members who are currently following one of our training plans, we recommend you continue to follow the accompanying nutrition plan as this is optimized for your particular training plan.


This section contains a lot of new information and advice on macronutrients as well supplements for those looking to enhance their diet.

It is broken down into bite-size sections giving you more information on protein, fats and carbohydrates as well as lactose, caffeine and supplements. Further READ MORE links are provided for members wanting to read greater levels of detail.

There are genetically personalized sections including recommendations on whether to use protein to help control hunger, saturated and polyunsaturated fat intake, genetic insulin function, lactose, caffeine, pre-workouts, fish oils and omega-3's, vitamin D and folate.


This section of the Action Blueprint gives an indication of your genetic ability to recover, how good your blood flow is, and what your susceptibility to oxidative damage is.

Based on this we give advice on how to optimize your physiological parameters.


The new FitnessGenes Nutrition Blueprint is now live and you can access it by logging into the member’s area. If you are not currently a FitnessGenes member you can purchase a Genetic Training System from our online shop today to follow a training program personalised to your FitnessGenes results – with the new nutrition blueprint included!

Written by Dr Nathan West

Thursday, April 14, 2016