Performance, Genetics and VO2 Max

As much as 47% of the variation between individual's VO2 Max can be attributed to genetics. So which genes influence your capacity, and how can you improve your maximum uptake? Dr Pleuni Hooijman explains the science in her latest blog post.

New FitnessGenes Affiliate: Tri Swim Coaching

Swimming, open water and triathlon coaching specialists Tri Swim Coaching have partnered with FitnessGenes to create personlalised training plans for their athletes. Tri Swim Coaching is run by Annie Oberlin-Harris and partner Ali Hollest.

New Nutrition Update For All Fat Loss And Muscle Building Systems

Currently following a Genetic Fat Loss or Muscle Building System? Your new personalized nutrition plan is now LIVE! Take a look at what you can expect, and hear some of the science behind the changes from Dr Nathan West in this latest science update.

The effect of exercise and nutrition on longevity and stress resisitance

Oxidative stress is an essential body function, but too much can onset disease states such as obesity and diabetes. So what is oxidative stress, and how can we maintain healthy levels? Sport Scientist Geraldine Campbell answers these questions and more in the latest blog from the FitnessGenes science team.

Guest Blog: Scott Herman Discusses His FitnessGenes Results

Fitness expert and YouTube star Scott Herman writes his first guest blog post for FitnessGenes, as he discusses his own personal results, and how he's used them to fine tune his training. How do you and Scott compare? Read more to find out!

How Your Muscles Work: The Energy Systems Used During Exercise

In her latest science post, Dr Pleuni Hooijman continues from last week's CKM gene release by explaining the 3 energy systems at work during exercise: the Phosphagen System, Glycolysis and Oxidative Phosphorylation. So when is each energy system utalized? And what are their benefits and limitations? Read more to discover the science behind energy production.

New Affiliate: The Athlete Centre

Oxfordshire’s premium strength and conditioning facility ‘The Athlete Centre’ have added their name to the FitnessGenes Affiliate Program. The centre, which specialises in CrossFit and Strength training, will be using their client’s results to help them ‘train like a pro’.

CKM and creatine kinase activity. What's your genotype, endurance or power?

Your personal creatine kinase activity level can influence which energy system you utilize during exercise, and even how well you respond to different training types. Dr Pleuni Hooijman introduces the gene that regulates creatine kinase activity, and explains how your CKM variation can help indicate whether you are a endurance or power based athlete.