Featured FitnessGenes Trainer: Harold Tackie

Meet Harold Tackie, one of the latest additions to the FitnessGenes Affiliate Program. Harold had his DNA tested by some time ago, and he will be working with the FitnessGenes training team, to ensure his clients can benefit from the insight we provide, and help them to achieve their personal best.

A Simple Method To Smash Your Fitness Goals

Are you struggling to accomplish those fitness targets you set at the beginning of the year? Discover how using one simple method when setting your fitness goals can help improve your overall performance and results.

Action Blueprint Update

This week FitnessGenes is releasing another major update to our members genetically tailored ACTION BLUEPRINT. The ACTION BLUEPRINT gives you loads of information and personalized recommendations on how best to train (training volume - including sets, reps, tempo and rest periods) for optimal results as well recommendations for nutrition and optimizing recovery and blood flow.

Featured Gene: NOS3

Nitric Oxide supplements are widely used in fitness to help blood flow, assist in nutrient delivery and boost athletic performance. But research has shown that your individual NOS3 gene variation can affect how much Nitric Oxide you naturally produce. Discover the differences between the three NOS3 variations and the strategies you can adopt to increase NO production in this week's science blog.

Why Go Vegan?

Have you ever considered cutting all animal products from your diet? Maybe you've already adopted the lifestyle! Either way the popularity of Veganism doesn't appear to be slowing down. Nicola Hanson takes a look into the matter, to discusses the benefits and challenges of going vegan.

New Gene Release: IL6

This week’s ‘Gene of the Week’ features the newly released IL6 – a gene for Cytokine Response. The IL6 signalling molecule influences levels of inflammation and recovery rate, but which variation is beneficial for power athletes? Read this week’s blog to discover all the variations of this gene, and their effects on exercise.

New Gene Release: UCP3

The second gene in the UCP family to be released by the FitnessGenes science team. Learn all about UCP3 and its traits in this weeks blog. What is the gene's function, and which variation provides an advantage for endurance athletes? Find out before checking your own UCP3 result!

New Gene Release: IGF1 and IGF1_2

Tying in with this week’s gene releases, we introduce the variants IGF1 and IGF1_2, which affect the circulating levels of the IGF1 protein. This protein influences muscle growth and strength, but which variations are seen as an athletic advantage?

Saturated Fat & Genetics

In response to recent research carried out by the FitnessGenes science team when designing our new genetically tailored nutritional recommendations, Dr Nathan West addresses the saturated fat debate, and explains how your individual genotype can influence how much you should be consuming.

FitnessGenes Launch Starter Plus Plan

The FitnessGenes Training Team has designed and launched the Starter Plus Plan, an 8-week progression from the existing Starter Plan. Hear from Training Team member Paul Rose, as he tells us what we can expect from this latest genetically tailored workout and nutrition plan.