Ginger: The Spice Of Christmas

What's Christmas without a sprinkling of ginger? This spice is often associated with the holidays, and used in a number of sweet treats. But does it also carry health benefits? We investigate the relationship between ginger and your DNA!

Protein Gingerbread Men Recipe

After we revealed his FitnessGenes results last week, Santa may be looking for something a bit healthier than cookies this year. Why not leave out these high protein gingerbread men instead - or eat them all yourself!

Genes for Fat Loss, Muscle Building, and Cardiovascular Training

Here is the full and fascinating transcript of the interview between Dr Dan and Women’s Health & Fitness journalist Katelyn Swallow. Read on to learn which genes affect fat loss, muscle building, and cardiovascular fitness and how understanding your genetics can improve your physique.

Take This Doctor's Advice on Your Diet!

We’re fortunate to have a team of highly educated, super smart, and incredibly motivated group of international professionals here at FitnessGenes. Dr Pleuni Hooijman is shining example of the outstanding staff we’ve been able to attract. Not only does Pleuni have a Ph.D. in Muscle Physiology and speak numerous languages with professional fluency, but she’s also a pro-level triathlete! She is our very own Wonder Woman...and this week, she's offering you some tasty, nutritious, vegetarian lunch options right off her own training table.

An Apple A Day...

...keeps the doctor away. Or so the saying goes. But what are the specific health benefits of this everyday fruit, and how are these influenced by your genetics? Our science team investigates.

Apple and Quinoa Crumble

Looking for an exciting way in increase your apple intake? Try our Apple and Quinoa Crumble recipe, with the added flavour and health benefit of Cinnamon. A healthy holiday desert!

The Mindfulness Approach To Achieving Your Goal

Each individual decision we make either has a positive or negative impact on how quickly we achieve our goal, or whether we achieve it at all. The mindfulness approach is one way to help you stay on track this month, and prevent you form undoing the good habits you have developed this year.

Turmeric: The Root (Or Stem) Of The Matter

A powder commonly used for color and flavor in curry dishes, turmeric has shown to lower blood pressure and improve insulin function. Discover the other health benefits of turmeric, and which genotypes benefit from it most.