Podcast Review: Personalized Medicine From Stuff You Should Know

Personalized medicine is seen as the next big step in health and wellness, and a recent “Stuff You Should Know” podcast on the topic prompted us at FitnessGenes to consider the similarities between personalized medicine and personalized exercise. Read our take on the podcast here.

PT-ME join the FitnessGenes Affiliate Program

High Wycombe based personal training service PT-ME have become the latest addition to the FitnessGenes Affiliate Program. Hear how they will be using the FitnessGenes DNA Analysis to improve their service, and how you can join the program too.

Fighting Fatigue: MCT1 and Lactic Acid Clearance

MCT1 is a key gene is the removal of Lactic Acid and in offsetting muscular fatigue. In this blog post, FitnessGenes Sport Scientist Geraldine Campbell details the role of MCT in removing lactic acid and explains the key difference between the 3 genotypes.

Max Capacity: How AKT1 could be affecting your aerobic potential

This week's gene release focuses again on responses to aerobic training, and how your AKT1 result can affect your maximum oxygen intake. Sport Scientist Geraldine Campbell introduces this gene, and explains the science behind each variation.

Dr Dan Rescues Injured Hiker In Malibu

FitnessGenes CEO Dan Reardon made national headlines this New Year by carrying an injured man more than 2 miles to safety whilst out hiking.

Introducing VEGFA with Dr Ying Zheng

In the final gene release of 2015, Dr Ying Zheng gives us an introduction into the endurance related gene VEGFA. Discover what effect each variation of this gene has on training, before heading to the members area to check your own result!

FitnessGenes Launches Affiliate Program

London based Personal Trainer Tom Neal has become the first official FitnessGenes Affiliate, as we launch our partnership program. Read his take on Fitness DNA testing, and why he believes working with FitnessGenes will benefit his clients.

Why Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny

FitnessGenes CSO Dr Samantha Decombel discusses the topic of Epigenetics, and explains why it is vital to consider their impact when constructing your genetic profile.