Scott Herman’s Genetic Workout System

Follow Scott Herman’s muscle building workout plan, optimized to your individual genetic make up.

Having worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years, Scott knows exactly what muscle building strategies work for him. However, he also knows that not everyone responds to the same type of training in the same way. That’s why he’s teamed up with FitnessGenes, to build you a personalised workout plan, based on your individual DNA.[]

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Reach your genetic potential with Scott Herman's Genetic Workout System

Scott Herman’s Genetic Workout System

Access Scott’s years of muscle building secrets and strategies to maximise your own muscle volume and strength. We’ve combined Scott’s personal workout plan with the FitnessGenes Genetic Analysis to create you a unique, genetically tailored, workout program.

8 Week Workout plan

Unique 8 week training plan based on your Fitness DNA results.

7 day nutrition plan 

Plan you diet around your 7 day unique nutrition plan.

Online support

We’re always here to help and advise your with your fitness goals.

Members Area

Login to view your genetic results, training plans and nutrition plans..

Expert Knowledge

All training strategies written exclusively by Fitness Expert Scott Herman.

Varied Workouts

Stay motivated with progressive and varied training.

Eliminate the 'what if' factor. With FitnessGenes, it really is possible for you to beat your genetics and reach your goal
Scott Herman

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Scott Herman's Genetic Muscle System

Unlock your Fitness DNA and maximise your muscle building results with the Scott Herman Genetic Workout System. Includes full FitnessGenes Genetic Analysis, on-going gene updates, online membership and an 8-week workout plan personalized to your DNA.
  • DNA Test Kit 
  • DNA Analysis 
  • 40+ Gene Results 
  • Detailed FitnessGenes Gene report 
  • Online members portal 
  • Training action blueprint 
  • Nutrition action blueprint with calculator 
  • FitnessGenes eBooks 
  • Exercise library 
  • Glossary 
  • Ongoing Gene And Scientific Updates 
  • Exercise descriptions, photos and videos 
  • 8-Week Periodized Work Out Plan 
  • Macronutrient Plan 
  • Online Support Through Our Team Of Experts 
  • FREE HIIT workouts 

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All Genetic Workout Systems include DNA Analysis. If you have already received your FitnessGenes or MuscleGenes DNA Analysis results please select a Genetic Workout Plan.

Scott Herman's Genetic Muscle Plan

Looking to maximise your muscle volume and strength gains? Then follow Scott Herman’s Genetic Workout Plan, a hardcore 8-week muscle-building program written exclusively by fitness expert Scott and personalized to your FitnessGenes results.
  • Exercise descriptions, photos and videos 
  • 8-Week Periodized Work Out Plan 
  • Macronutrient Plan 
  • Online Support Through Our Team Of Experts 
  • FREE HIIT workouts 

Electronically delivered.

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To follow any Genetic Workout Plan, you must have first received your FitnessGenes or MuscleGenes DNA Analysis results. If not please select a Genetic Workout System.

How it works?

It's simple...

Want to begin unlocking your genetic potential? It’s so easy to get started!


Choose your ideal Genetic Workout System® based on your goals.


Provide us with a simple saliva sample; it's all our scientists need!


We use advanced genotyping technology to analyze your DNA in combination with your other physiological data.


View your genetic results online or on your mobile.

About Scott Herman

Scott Herman is the founder and owner of Scott Herman Fitness and A previous winner of ‘Best Abs on the East Coast’, Scott is also a fitness model, actor and personal trainer.

YouTube Star

Through his expert guidance and constant engagement with his fans, Scott has built a significant following across social media. Over 880,000 people are currently subscribed to his YouTube channel, where he uploads training, nutrition and lifestyle videos on almost a daily basis.

Grow muscle and strength!

Increase your muscle size or lift heavier with Scott Herman and remove the guesswork from your workouts and nutrition.[]

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