Does your father keep promising that he’s going to get back in shape, but hasn’t? Does he need some motivation and guidance to help him take control of his fitness?

Give him the motivation and guidance he needs with a FitnessGenes Genetic Workout System this Fathers Day!

  • Unique genetic insights that last a lifetime
  • Personalised and actionable fitness recommendations
  • Genetically tailored workout and nutrition plan
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Knowing how your body responds to exercise and diet is just the start; it’s the beginning of the process of finding out what exercise and nutrition is the optimum to reach your goals. We have a team of scientist (Ph.D. geneticists, nutritionists and trainers) that understand this science and are experienced in defining the right workout and nutrition blueprint for you.

Which excuse is your father using when it comes to getting back in shape?

  • He doesn’t have the time?

  • He doesn’t know what to do in the gym?

  • Weight training is too intense and stressful?

A Genetic Workout System from FitnessGenes will make your father’s training as efficient and effective as possible – because it’s structured around his unique DNA results.

And with systems for all fitness levels, our team have a plan that’s right for him.

No more excuses, just real results.

Like Michael and others experienced when they followed their personalised Genetic Workout System:

"My results were so great that my wife told me I was getting too big. She said that I was “starting to look like those guys in the magazines” (at age 64!!!). If I did not experience it myself I would not have believed it was possible… Really!"

Michael, FitnessGenes customer

"I love how the plan is targeted to my DNA. There is no more second-guessing and doing workouts that will not do my body any good. I highly recommend this to people who are serious about their overall health and well being."

Kathy, FitnessGenes customer

"I can honestly say you won’t regret using FitnessGenes. They are professional, with results returned back quickly and explained in-depth. The workout plans are very good too! Really valuable and enlightening service."

Adam, FitnessGenes customer

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How it works?

It's simple...

Want to begin unlocking your genetic potential? It’s so easy to get started!


Choose your ideal Genetic Workout System® based on your goals.


Provide us with a simple saliva sample; it's all our scientists need!


We use advanced genotyping technology to analyze your DNA in combination with your other physiological data.


View your genetic results online or on your mobile.

We understand that not all workout and nutrition plans work for everyone. That’s because everyone is different. And it’s our DNA that makes us different. By analysing your father’s DNA, we can tell him exactly what to do for fast and lasting results, whatever his goal. So whether he is looking to lose fat or build muscle, we can reveal what strategies are going to be most effective for him.

Remove the guesswork and help him lead a healthier and happier life.

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