It frustrates you that:

of the thousands of workout and diet plans on the market,

nothing has worked for you

which is not surprising because...

  1. The muscle building diets on the market are NOT personalized to YOU
  2. Muscle building training is NOT engineered for YOUR body type
  3. People are not honest about timelines to achieving lean muscle gains

These plans are simply designed to make you FAIL!

This is why FitnessGenes is the perfect product to help YOU build lean muscle and functional power

  • Your diet and food ratios, based on your unique genetic blueprint, are designed to optimize performance in the gym and maximize repair out of the gym
  • Your exercise programming is periodized based on your genetic propensities
  • Efficient management of both workout regimen and diet means faster, sustainable and more head turning results

FitnessGenes is the only Fitness DNA Testing Company in the world that can truly personalize, based on YOUR DNA, how to work out and diet to build masses of lean muscle, and lose pounds of unwanted body fat!

We've literally tested THOUSANDS of people just like you. And we've worked with hundreds of the world's leading athletes and bodybuilders so we truly understand what it takes both scientifically, and psychologically, to build muscle and power!

You can begin YOUR journey to Ultimate Lean Muscle in just 4 simple steps!

How it works?

It's simple...

Want to begin unlocking your genetic potential? It’s so easy to get started!


Choose your ideal Genetic Workout System® based on your goals.


Provide us with a simple saliva sample; it's all our scientists need!


We use advanced genotyping technology to analyze your DNA in combination with your other physiological data.


View your genetic results online or on your mobile.

You can effectively carve lean muscle when you understand your DNA

We specialize in giving you this information!

All Genetic Workout Systems include DNA Analysis. If you have already received your FitnessGenes or MuscleGenes DNA Analysis results please select a Genetic Workout Plan.

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Every day, our team of in-house researchers evaluate peer-reviewed academic literature to further understand the role of fitness related genetics, and how it influences your training and nutrition. Hundreds of papers are reviewed each month, ensuring that FitnessGenes is a source of the most comprehensive and up-to-date information possible.

Our team is composed of PhD scientists and experts in genetics, sports science, biology, and biochemistry. With the team’s combined skillset, our understanding goes beyond genetics, extending to the physiology of how to develop a training protocol and nutritional advantage. Our scientists also engage in prominent academic collaborations to test and further refine our model as well as making sure our recommendations are scientifically sound.

Steve Kuclo IFBB Pro

Arnold Classic Brazil 2014 Champion

"I did the gene's pretty cool, it kind of gives you a layout of what type of muscle fibers you have, how your bodu responds, more of an exact blueprint of your whole body. Being an athlete growing up and having more fast twitch muscle fibers in my muscle, if I tailor my workouts to that I'm going to try and see if I notice any difference. So far I'm seeing some good fullness."[]


Ron Partlow IFBB Pro

2015 Canadian Masters Champion

"I'm very interested in what my MuscleGenes report says. It nailed a few things that I had recently figured out myself, and it gave me several great suggestions that I am definitely applying to my training now. The entire result reinforced many things that I have been trying out and felt worked best for me."[]


Mike Rashid

Fitness Entrepreneur and YouTube Sensation

"It will help you optimize your training and nutrition. It's amazing to me and I don't stand behind things I don't believe in. This is legit, trust me. I find it to be very helpful and benfitical in the advancement of my fitness and health and is very porgressive in this industry, and I believe it to be at forefront of that."[]


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What you will get

The FitnessGenes MUscle-Building System will help you:

Understand Your Genes

  • Testosterone Genes
  • Lactate Processing Genes
  • Muscle Physiology Genes
  • Amino Acid Processing Pathways
  • Insulin Sensitivity Genes
  • Hunger & Appetite Genes
  • Caffeine Sensitivity Genes
  • Lactose Intolerance Genes
  • Fat Sensitivity Genes 
  • Carbohydrate Sensitivity Genes

Apply them to you

  • Your Training Requirements
  • Your Muscle Physiology
  • Your Metabolic Tendencies
  • Your Response to HITT
  • Your Fat Burning Capacity

Maximise Your Workouts

  • Build Muscle
  • Advanced Plans
  • Periodisation for You
  • Volume of HIIT and Cardio
  • Taylor Your Diet
  • Feel Empowered
  • Appreciate the Science


Personalized plans, refined by genetics, will help you build muscle and maximize strength.  []

$229 was $289

Price includes shipping to your address

All Genetic Workout Systems include DNA Analysis. If you have already received your FitnessGenes or MuscleGenes DNA Analysis results please select a Genetic Workout Plan.

Secure Payment
  • DNA Test Kit 
  • DNA Analysis 
  • 40+ Gene Results 
  • Detailed FitnessGenes Gene report 
  • Online members portal 
  • Training action blueprint 
  • Nutrition action blueprint with calculator 
  • FitnessGenes eBooks 
  • Exercise library 
  • Glossary 
  • Ongoing Gene And Scientific Updates 
  • 12-Week Periodized Muscle-Building Plan 
  • Exercise descriptions, photos and videos 
  • Macronutrient Plan 
  • Online Support Through Our Team Of Experts 
  • FREE HIIT workouts 

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