Dr Sam Decombel

CSO and Co-founder

A co-founder of FitnessGenes, with a PhD in genetics and a passion for science communication, Sam is responsible for product development and management of the science team. Fascinated by genetics from an early age, she studied the subject for her PhD at the University of Birmingham, UK, where she has also lectured on Evolutionary and Conservation Genetics. Sam is an enthusiastic sportswoman, and particularly enjoys playing football and running when she is not in the gym trying to improve on her squat PB of 165lb.


Remove the guesswork from your training and nutrition

Every day, our team of in-house researchers evaluate peer-reviewed academic literature to further understand the role of fitness related genetics, and how it influences your training and nutrition. Hundreds of papers are reviewed each month, ensuring that FitnessGenes is a source of the most comprehensive and up-to-date information possible.

Our team is composed of PhD scientists and experts in genetics, sports science, biology, and biochemistry. With the team’s combined skillset, our understanding goes beyond genetics, extending to the physiology of how to develop a training protocol and nutritional advantage. Our scientists also engage in prominent academic collaborations to test and further refine our model as well as making sure our recommendations are scientifically sound.

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Want to begin unlocking your genetic potential? It’s so easy to get started!


Choose your ideal Genetic Workout System® based on your goals.


Provide us with a simple saliva sample; it's all our scientists need!


We use advanced genotyping technology to analyze your DNA in combination with your other physiological data.


View your genetic results online or on your mobile.

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