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Top 10 health trends for 2017. Here's the heads-up so you can start a brand new year as a brand new you!

TSN Podcast

Dr Dan Reardon joins Tony Greco and Steve Warne as they talk talk weight loss, new years resolutions and proper dieting in the latest episode of 'Greco Lean and Fit'.

Written by Tony Greco

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Feel This

Fitness enthusiast and founder of 'Feel This' Kara Griffin takes the FitnessGenes DNA analysis test, and reveals her personal results in her latest blog post.

Written by Kara Griffin

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Your 2017. Quinoa and coconut water are so last year. We discover the biggest wellbeing trends for the next 12 months...

Top Sante

If you've ever wondered why you can happily jog around the park but get out of breath when you sprint for a bus, perhaps the answer lies in your genes.

Yahoo Beauty

Are you genetically predisposed to be Skinny? Read InStyle's Amy Synnott full review of her FitnessGenes test on Yahoo Beauty.

Written by Amy Synnott

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Are you genetically predisposed to develop a thigh gap? Wired from birth to be a sprinter? InStyles's Amy Synnott puts her DNA to the test with a DIY saliva kit.

DW Fitness

FitnessGenes DNA analysis kit included in DW Fitness' list of game-changing tech to look our for in 2017.

Written by

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In light of recent FitnessGenes research, Jeff Haden focuses on the 'obesity risk' FTO gene to explain why 'generic advice yields generic results'. Read how your FTO result influences how you should structure your nutrition.

Written by Jeff Haden

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IGCT Episode #185 - You Must Know The Recipe

FitnessGenes CEO Dr Dan Reardon joins Ron Mckeefery for Chalktalk, as they discuss why coaches should be concerned with genetics, and how DNA testing can play a key role athlete development.

Written by Coach Ron Mckeefery

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