In light of recent FitnessGenes research, Jeff Haden focuses on the 'obesity risk' FTO gene to explain why 'generic advice yields generic results'. Read how your FTO result influences how you should structure your nutrition.

Written by Jeff Haden

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IGCT Episode #185 - You Must Know The Recipe

FitnessGenes CEO Dr Dan Reardon joins Ron Mckeefery for chalktalk, as they discuss why coaches should be concerned with genetics, and how DNA testing can help athlete development.

Written by Coach Ron Mckeefery

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Dr Dan Reardon Interview with Live The Process

FitnessGenes co-founder and CEO Dr Dan Reardon recently sat down with Live The Process to discuss his approach to fitness and business. Hear how he stays healthy and balanced, and what happiness looks like to him.

Written by

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Yahoo News: The Ultimate Guide to DIY DNA Testing Kits

Originally featured in Elle (November 2016). April Long trials a number of saliva, blood and bacterial tests - including FitnessGenes - for her 'ultimate guide to DIY DNA testing kits' article. You can read what she learned about herself, and the industry in general, right here.

Written by April Long

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Livestrong Features FitnessGenes in Effective Fitness Gadget Guide

If you're seeking a little extra help, motivation or accountability, or just itching for something new to play with, here are 20 gadgets -- from high-tech toys to gym staples -- that will actually help you get fit and stay healthy.....including a FitnessGenes DNA Analysis Kit!

Written by Sarah Wassner Flynn

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Is the Sports World Ready for Personalized Nutrition?

Shane Starling, Senior Editor of leading B2B media powerhouse Nutraingredients profiles FitnessGenes ahead of the ‘Innovation and Opportunity in Sports Nutrition' Conference in Frankfurt, where our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Samantha Decombel will be presenting "Tailor made – do elite athletes require bespoke nutrition solutions? What can the rest learn? What is on the cutting edge of sports nutrition?" on 28 November

Written by Shane Starling

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FitnessGenes Features in ELLE Magazine Cover Story! November 2016 USA Edition

FitnessGenes was featured in ELLE's November issue in "Test Tubes, Baby!"--- part of a 3-part feature about today's 'Measured Life' discussing new precision medical technology, wearables, fitness trackers, and other diagnostics empowering us with information about our own bodies. FitnessGenes is highlighted on the second and third pages. Thanks to our friends at ELLE for the coverage and great article!

ClassPass reviews FitnessGenes: How DNA Affects My Running

Tatiana Kuzmowycz is ClassPass's Sr. Copywriter. An avid runner, Tatiana likes to challenge herself in class and outdoors, with everything from HIIT classes to hiking. You can find her on the streets of Brooklyn with her dog Duck. In her latest blog, she road tests FitnessGenes recommendations as she begins training for an upcoming marathon.

Written by Tatiana Kuzmowycz

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Fitness has entered the era of lightning-fast scientific discovery via genetics. The U.K.-based company, FitnessGenes, takes the search for optimal fitness results into the lab, analyzing your individual nutritional needs by way of a saliva sample.

Written by Andrew Stone

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